Ignoranti, quem portum petat, nullus suus ventus est - Ningún viento es favorable para el que no sabe a qué puerto va. (Séneca, 1-65 d.C.)

Strategic Marketing Digital Marketing Development Strategy and Geomarketing Vantage Mobile Specialists in Retail Social Wars

Strategic Marketing

We are a marketing agency and consultancy specialized in assessing the communication and promotion strategy of the company in all its perspectives. We help developing a multichannel marketing plan, with a special emphasis on the new tool of online promotion.

Digital Marketing

In Vantage are pioneers in the implementation and development of the digital strategy and online marketing for businesses of all kinds of size and sector. We produce digital strategy agreement cons its vision, mission and value proposition and current objectives of the client. So we have the tools and consultants of WSI, the world leader in digital marketing.

Development Strategy and Geomarketing

We help to identify the territories with higher growth potential for the company through geomarketing tools and market research. Assessment on the business development process: estimation and caracterization of the potential market, competition analysis and assessment of the canibalization impact of opening a new point of sales. All using the most advanced geomarketing tools.

Vantage Mobile

One of the philosophies of Vantage workflow is anticipate trends, provide for what is to come. New technologies and smartphones mark patterns of every day in the future of your business. We develop APPs tailored to the needs of each client, as well as Marketing strategies based on mobile technology.

Specialists in Retail

In Vantage we work closely with the Retail sector and our experience within the same positions us as expert-level consulting. In addition, we are the premier service provider of Marketing Digital of the Amicca Association, which brings together 50 of the leading brands of retail in the country.

Social Wars

Our unique vision on the world of social media in enterprises and the impact it has on the future of our business. In collaboration with the BTCommuniaction agency we have developed this small tribute-freaky to educate anyone who sees it. Legos, StarWars, an incredible soundtrack, action, social networks, the good and the bad Dale!... play


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